Ground Handling

We provide professional ground handling services, ensuring safety and efficiency on the ground, including crew/passenger, baggage and ramp handling.

Professional Ground Handling




Equity Aviation provide a full range of ground handling services for Business Jets, General Aviation, VIP/diplomatic flights, cargo, and military aircraft that lands in our Tanzania.

The company is committed and has continuously produced professional standards of ground handling services, having the most multi-skilled staff to support our clients operators and airlines on  activities as follows : -


Our main activities as ground handler are:-

  • Aircraft Handling
  • VIP/Passenger and Crew handling
  • Ramp handling 
  • Permits
  • Flight operation and crew administration
  • Surface transport
  • Cargo services
  • Security
  • Aircraft Wash

A range of Ground Support.

Serving Passengers

  • Check-in.
  • Meet and Assist.
    Special care for people with reduced mobility (PRM).
  • Representation at station.
  • Passenger transfer.

Serving the Aircraft

  • Ground operation.
  • Ramp supervision.
  • Aircraft interior cleaning.
  • Disability services.
  • Crew transport.

Ramp Services

  • Loading and unloading of baggage, mail and cargo.
  • Toilet and water servicing.
  • Aircraft pushback and tow.
  • Freight, cargo, mail and documents.
    Air start units, GPU.
  • Catering (Contracted third party).
  • Fuel (Contracted third party).

Cargo Services

  • Livestock goods.
  • Perishable goods.
  • Dangerous Goods.
  • General cargo.
  • Valuable cargo.
  • Diplomatic bags.
  • Human remains.